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Vacuuming can really be time consuming. Often times, you can even miss cleaning the hard to reach areas. Dusty places around your home can become breeding ground of microbes, allergen and other harmful substance that can cause threat to you and you love ones' health.


Have you ever thought of cleaning your house without the trouble and hassle caused by regular dusting or vacuuming?  If you want cut the hassle of regularly vacuuming your house, you can choose to install a central vacuum system in your home.  Central vacuum system removes dirt and debris in your home by sending the dirt particles through a tubing that will be installed in your home and will go straight to a collection container. With the help of a central vacuum system you can be assured that your house is clean and free from dirt particles.

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We're well qualified to carry out service and repair work on all makes and models of vacuums and central vacuum.

Vacuum cleaners aside, you can even have us perform service and repair work on your sewing machine, electric shaver, electrical appliances and even scissors and knives.

In addition to vacuums, you can also find quality Miele electrical appliances ranging from stoves, cook tops, washing machines, refrigerators and plenty more.

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